About us


Bala is a small town, just north-east of its famous lake (Llyn Tegid). 
We are a group of Bible-believing Christians who have been meeting regularly for worship and fellowship since 1981. We aim to give the Bible the place of centrality in our belief and practice.
In our Sunday services, we generally sing Christian hymns and songs, old and new, accompanied by a piano and using PowerPoint. We read the Bible and we pray. One of the preachers in the church (usually the pastor) will explain the meaning and application of a Bible passage for about half an hour. Our services are in English, although about 1/2 of the church would be fluent Welsh speakers. There is no set dress code, so please dress as you are comfortable. We have a Loop System for those who find hearing difficult.
We are affiliated to the AECW, a network in Wales of Bible-centred churches, and Affinity. We also have close links to the EMW. The three statements below tell you what’s important to us as a church.
God Creator and Judge, to be first in everything.
The Bible Shaping belief and life.
Good News Forgiveness and new life through trust in Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and Lord!